Die Young – A Ke$ha Cover

Most people might wonder, why a cover of Ke$ha for a duo with our kind of sound? It seems like quite a stretch for us.

We were looking to do a cover of a fairly recent hit pop song – we didn’t know what song yet but we knew we wanted a song that people would recognize instantly and be able to sing along with. We had some ideas but when this one popped into my head I knew it was perfect. The lyrics and melody, if performed in the right way, sound sad instead of the fist-pumping, energetic feeling when performed with a dance beat. It was the perfect song to “Wintrowfy”.

We also knew we wanted to work on a song with our friends from the country group Track 45 and Jenna’s voice was the perfect fit for the song. Add in some magical Wintrow backing vocalsĀ and there you have it.

We loved how it turned out! Take a listen below and sign up to our mailing list for a free download of the track.

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